Why bother?

So why start a blog if you’re not sure you have anything worthwhile to say? Frankly, I’m doing it at the urging of my sister, who knows a thing or two about writing. She’s well aware of my love of walking and hiking, and she’s under the impression that I “can write” so, she says, why not combine the two as a way of engaging with other like-minded people and deriving some sense of satisfaction from the process?

I see her point and on the surface it’s a worthy undertaking, but behind it are many doubts and questions. Do I have anything interesting to say? Will my writing be inept on the one hand, or ridiculously pretentious on the other? Do I have the staying power to maintain a blog? Will it require more time and effort than I can give?

Yes, I love hiking. I love the sense of accomplishment in covering a long distance, the physical application required under varying weather and ground conditions. At the age of 62, I feel quite pleased with myself that I can still do it, and do it well. And I’m determined to continue with it not only for pleasure, but equally importantly for wellness and hoped for longevity. After all, the clock’s ticking gets louder by the day…

And the writing? Over the years I’ve written fairly regularly, but never in any sustained way over the long term. Journal entries, reflections, the occasional character sketches, two or three short stories, mini-memoirs, run of the mill stuff typical of writing dilettantes. I guess I can do it fairly well when I put my mind to it (you be the judge).

So the theme of the blog is “walking in search of a thought…”  Well I claim to be good at walking. I seem to be passable at writing (again, you be the judge). But what about the thought? There’s the hurdle! I’m crap at thinking.

It’s a hurdle, but perhaps also an opportunity. If writing is a form that thinking takes, then hopefully doing it will cultivate the thought, and with any luck the thought will be of some value and interest. We’ll see…




9 thoughts on “Why bother?

  1. Your sister knows what she’s talking about. Some of the best writers are/were keen walkers. Or is it the other way around, some of the best walkers are keen writers? Anyhow, we know long walks are meditative, therapeutic, liberating – no doubt a worthy thought will present itself.

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  2. Love this blog very interesting to read words eminating from a consummate lover of nature. An experienced hiker,walker…..looking forward to additional blogs.


  3. Welcome to the blogging world!

    I often ask myself why I bother writing a blog. But I don’t see it as a blog, it’s more of an online diary.

    I don’t feel that I have anything astounding to say, but I feel the need to write things down.

    What I’ve realised most recently is that I find it therapeutic when I write my thoughts down. When life pushes me off the path I’m on and I find myself in unfamiliar surroundings that I’m not happy with, I find writing down my experiences helps me find a path I’m happy with again.

    Sometimes I write every day, sometimes once a month. It happens when it happens.


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