Done the “why.” Now the “what.”

Hiking will not be my sole focus here. In fact the opportunity for a proper hike doesn’t present itself all that often, once or twice a month to be honest. My intent here is to write about walking, walks in general and what I see and think about along the way. I’ll be covering everything from, say, the 12 mile loop over Mount Tammany and around Sunfish Pond to the few steps needed to get me from my work cubicle to the men’s room – yes, you can have a wee adventure in that short distance!

I’ll be writing about my regular brief morning walks through my Nutley neighborhood in the dark, my obsessive lunchtime walks around Fairfield’s Hollywood Avenue Park and its surroundings, walks along the boardwalk at the shore, walks when I travel abroad and walks when I’m home in Scotland… just about anywhere or any time I find myself putting one foot in front of the other.

I hope working on my blog posts will take me to unexpected places not only geographically but imaginatively and psychologically too. And I hope in doing so I can have your company on the journey, not only figuratively but perhaps even in person. Now there’s a thought!


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